Project // Zotox //

The world as we knew it had come to an end. Civilization on earth had been mostly destroyed by pandemic viruses, dwindling resources, and the resulting conflict. The remaining survivors were left to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild a new society.


It was in this desperate time that Project Zotox was born. A group of survivors, determined to create a better future for all, came up with the ambitious plan to rebuild a new ecological civilization in the metaverse.


Many were skeptical, the metaverse was an untamed and unknown place, full of danger and uncertainty. But the founders of Project Zotox were undaunted. They believed that the metaverse was the key to a new and better future, and they were determined to make it a reality.


And so, they set to work, pioneering a profound evolution in how societies of the future would live, work, and play in the Internet as a place. They worked tirelessly to create a sustainable and innovative society, one that would thrive in the face of adversity.

!Hail zotox //



A new chapter is now ready to be written. Zotox would be a utopian society based on perfect freedom and individualism.


We believe that by working together, we can create a utopia - a place where we can explore and reconnect with our true selves, doing what we love within the natural boundaries of the world. It is a place for individual and collective growth, where we can embrace our passions and find purpose in life.

Project // Zotox //


// Zotoxian is a collection of 5,000 pixelated avatars representing your digital identity in the metaverse and granting you citizenship access to Zotox City. Each Zotoxian is seen as independent and autonomous.

There are over 20 different species within our community, each with their own unique connections and interdependencies. These diverse groups create a sense of family, connection, and belonging, forming clans and bonds that extend beyond individual species.

Metaverse & Beyond //


// We're Building a new world order together


to set free from its bondage to decay


to find our own individual path


to develop a new human settlement


to facilitate exchange of resources


to deliver a sense of personal interaction


to form a new social structure

Zotox Council //


// More council members will be nominated after the setup of DAO.

Frequently Asked Questions //

Minted out.

5,000. The team reserves 500 Zotoxians.

Royalties is set at 5%. The earnings from royalty will not be used to compensate core members or the council. Instead, these funds will be invested in our internally developed community projects to help create our own sustainable revenue streams. 

Once you own a particular NFT, Zotox Labs grants you a license to use copy and display the purchased collectible worldwide, whether for personal or commercial use. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract and the Blockchain Network.

Zotoxians Genesis are randomly generated from 300+ traits in 20+ categories, such as: head, head accessories, eyes, mouth, ears, clothings etc. resulting in over 100 Trillion different combinations. Our wide range of traits allow Zotoxians to have differing degrees of rarity, but rest assured, all Zotoxians carry value in their own right.

Project Zotox is a highly open metaverse project, building a metaverse ecological civilization which detached reality. Motivated by rapid development of Web 3.0, Zotox is pioneering a profound evolution in how societies of the future live, work and play in the metaverse. Zotoxian is a collection of 5,000 pixelated avatars that represent your digital identity and give you citizenship access to The Zotox City.


by the community